About Us

Legal Pistol Defense is a subsidiary of LPD Services Group along with Landscape Plant Diagnostics, a landscape consulting and design business, and was started to educate the public about firearms, gun safety, marksmanship, personal protection, concealed carry, and the law. As you know our website is gunprotectiontraining.com and you can find us on Facebook at “Legal Pistol Defense” to see current articles and posts about shooting, safety, self protection.

Douglas Gerber, Chief Instructor 1, has experience as a U.S. Marine, competitive shooter, NRA Instructor, Range Marshall, IDPA Range Safety Officer, NRA Range Safety Officer, gun collector, Security Expert and EMT. Went to University of Central Missouri and received a B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration and an M.S. in Security & Safety Management.

Legal Pistol Defense offers classes in “Introduction to Firearms for Beginners“, NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting– Phase 1&2, (coming soon- NRA Basics of Rifle Shooting, Missouri Concealed Carry Permit, NRA Home Defense, NRA Protection Outside the Home).